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Vintage original 7.25 x 10.5 in. piece of stationery from the renowned CHATEAU ELYSEE APARTMENTS. Located at 5930 Franklin Avenue in Hollywood, the building still stands today and is owned by the Church of Scientology.
Built by Eleanor Ince, the widow of the important motion picture producer Thomas H. Ince, this prestigious Hollywood French Normandy-style building featured 77 apartments varying in size from one-bedroom units to deluxe two-story/three-bedroom apartments.
Printed on a light green stock, this example is unused in fine- condition as shown.


*"In 1927, Elinor "Nell" Ince, commissioned architect Arthur E. Harvey and contractor Luther T. Mayo, Inc. to build a luxury long-term residential apartment house for movie stars and the film industry. "The chateau was to be an apartment house and long-term grand hotel for both the Hollywood and international elite, supplying daily housekeeping and fine dining. For recreation, the grounds included a moat, formal gardens, tennis courts, and rooftop and patio entertainment spaces. Nell enlisted it-girl interior designer Marjorie Requa, the willowy blue blood who decorated Pickfair, to create sophisticated interiors inspired by Louis XIV, Piccadilly, and French-Norman styles."

Hadley Meares, journalist, KCET


Ince sold the property in 1943, and in 1951 the home was converted into a luxury retirement home called Fifield Manor. By the 1970s, the building was slated for demolition, and was purchased by the Church of Scientology. On September 23, 1987, the City of Los Angeles declared the building as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, number 329, encompassing the addresses 5925-5939 Yucca Street, 5930-5936 Franklin Avenue, and 1806-1830 Tamarind Avenue."

*(source: Wikipedia)



CHATEAU ELYSEE APARTMENTS (c.1920s) Vintage Original Stationery

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