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Vintage original 8 x 10 in. US single-weight glossy photograph from the 1920's silent film drama/romance, COBRA, released in 1925 by Paramount Pictures and directed by Joseph Henabery. 
The image features an interior medium shot of Jack Dorning (Casson Ferguson) handing a check to Sophie Binner (Eileen Percy. It is in near-fine condition.

*"Cobra is a 1925 American silent drama film directed by Joseph Henabery and starring Rudolph Valentinoand Nita Naldi. It is the screen adaptation of the play Cobra written by Martin Brown, which played at the Hudson Theatre on Broadway in 1924. Cobra has survived, and has been made available to the public on both VHS and DVD by independent film dealers and major movie distributors.


The production of Cobra was marred by bickering and soaring production costs. Furthermore, its studio Paramount Pictures, unhappy with the final film and fearing it would flop with audiences and critics, held off releasing it until Valentino (whose popularity had declined somewhat) appeared in a stronger, unequivocally successful picture. Eventually Cobra was released in late 1925, a few weeks after what proved to be Valentino's comeback feature, The Eagle (1925)."

*(source: Wikipedia)



COBRA (1925) US 8x10 Photograph 02

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