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Vintage original US 8x10 in. photograph from the silent film comedy THE CARETAKER'S DAUGHTER, produced by The Hal Roach Studios in 1925 and directed by Leo McCarey.


The image features a shot of The Young Married Man (Charley Chase) clinging to a post outside of a rustic cabin as everyone around him is after him, including The Gunman / Prospective Car Buyer (George Siegemann), The Young Married Man's Wife (Katherine Grant) and The Young Husband's Boss (William J. Kelly. It is in very fine condition.


*"A man (Charley Chase) bickers and battles with his wife (Katherine Grant), but his life unravels when he sells his decrepit jalopy to a notorious gangster."




THE CARETAKER'S DAUGHTER (1925) 8x10 Photograph 02

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