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Vintage original 8x10 in. US single-weight glossy photograph from the 1920's silent film western, DO AND DARE, released in 1922 by the Fox Film Corporation and directed by Edward Sedgwick.


The image features a humorous exterior long shot of a Henry Boone (Tom Mix), wearing very "loud" western attire, as he stands in the doorway of a beautiful South American building as he finds himself caught in the crossfire between the two men shooting at each other from both sides of him. On the verso is the original Fox Film Corporation credits stamp in blue ink. It is in very fine- condition.


*"The working titles of this film were A Kiss in the Dark and then Blood Will Tell, as noted by the September 30, 1922 Moving Picture World. According to a studio chart in the July 29, 1922 Camera, A Kiss in the Dark was in its fourth week of shooting. Two weeks later, the August 12, 1922 Camera chart stated that filming has ended. Reviewers did not like the film’s story-within-a-story format or its change in tone, from dramatic to comic, when the action switches from Old West Indians wars to a current Latin American revolution. Both the September 24, 1922 Film Daily and October 14, 1922 Exhibitors Herald critics enjoyed the first two reels of kidnappings, Indian attacks, and standard Western fare, but lost interest thereafter, calling Do or Dare “a tricky picture [that] lapses into farce-comedy of doubtful value,” and Tom Mix’s “Henry Boone” character a “comedy role that is not at all suited to him.”

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)


*"When Henry Boone (Tom Mix) hears his grandfather's stories of his youth as a pioneer and scout, he is gripped by the fires of romance and decides to hunt adventure. Boone finds himself in an airplane carrying a military message to a leader of a revolution in a South American country. He is arrested as a spy but escapes and saves the ruler's (Jack Rollens) daughter (Claire Adams) from the revolutionaries."
*(source: IMDb)



DO AND DARE (1922) 8x10 Photograph 05

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