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Vintage original 8 x 10 in. US single-weight glossy photograph of silent film actor FRANK BENNETT.


The image depicts a medium shot of the handsome actor wearing a tuxedo and posing in front of a white studio backdrop. On the verso in light black ink is the original rubber stamp indicating the "Triangle-Fine Arts" studio. It is in near-fine condition.


*"Frank Fisher Bennett (September 15, 1890 – April 29, 1957) was an American film actor active during the silent era. He played the role of Charles IX in D. W. Griffith's 1916 epic Intolerance. Born in New York, Bennett worked for Vitagraph in New York before he moved to Hollywood with D. W. Griffith. During World War I, Bennett joined the Army and worked in Washington in the Ordnance Department. He was married to actress Billie West. After they stopped working in films, they settled in Warren Township, New Jersey, in a home adjacent to his parents' home."
*(source: Wikipedia)



FRANK BENNETT (c.1918) US 8x10 Photograph 01

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