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Vintage original 3.25 x 5.25 in. British (UK) postcard from the teens silent film serial, GRAFT, released in 1915 by the Universal Film Manufacturing Company and directed by George Lessey and Richard Stanton.


Released in the UK as GREED, the US release consisted of 32 reels whereas the UK release touted 40 reels and was distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Film Co. The recto depicts cast members Jane Novak, Harry Carey, Hobart Henley and Glen White. The verso features a handwritten notation in ink with a cancelled UK postage stamp. It has been lightly trimmed from 3.5 x 5.5 in. and is in near-fine condition.


*"Graft is a 1915 American film serial directed by George Lessey and Richard Stanton featuring Harry Carey. This serial is considered to be lost.


In an experiment, the plot was written in a round robin by several writers for both print and film. Each chapter was written by a different writer: Anna Katharine Green, Irvin S. Cobb, Louis Joseph Vance, Leroy Scott, Rupert Hughes, Zane Grey, James Oppenheim, C.N. Williamson, A.M. Williamson, Wallace Irwin, Reginald Wright Kaufman, James Francis Dwyer, Mrs. Wilson Woodrow, Joe Mitchell Chapple, Frederic S. Isham, George Bronson Howard, Nina Wilcox Putnam and Hugh Weir."
*(source: Wikipedia)


*"Hobart Henley starred in the first three episodes and then dropped out of the series in the fourth episode, due to an accident. Harry Carey took over and starred in episodes four through twelve. Each episode is complete in itself and based on a chapter of the book from which the scenario is taken.


The chapter titles were: (1) Liquor and the Law (1915); (2) The Tenement House Evil (1915); (3) The Traction Grab (1915); (4) The Power of the People (1916); (5) Grinding Life Down (1916); (6) The Railroad Monopoly (1916); (7) America Saved from War (1916); (8) Old King Coal (1916); (9) The Insurance Swindlers (1916); (10) The Harbor Transportation Trust (1916); (11) The Illegal Bucket Shops (1916); (12) The Milk Battle (1916); (13) The Powder Trust and the War (1916); (14) The Iron Ring (1916); (15) The Patent Medicine Danger (1916); (16) The Pirates of Finance (1916); (17) Queen of the Prophets (1916); (18) The Hidden City of Crime (1916); (19) The Photo Badger Game (1916); and (20) The Final Conquest (1916)."
*(source: IMDb)




GRAFT (1915) UK Postcard 01

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