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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the 1920s silent film drama/romance, LADY OF THE PAVEMENTS, released in 1929 by United Artists and directed by D.W. Griffith. 
The image features an interior long shot of beautiful Countess Diane des Granges (Jetta Goudal) sitting at the end of a daybed in her luxurious apartment as she is seduced by Baron Finot (Albert Conti) while her fiancee, Count Karl Von Arnim (William Boyd), comes upon them. The border artwork at the left features a beautifully-rendered image of a Paris street scene as a horse and carriage proceed on the cobblestone street. It is unrestored in fine+ condition


*"Although issued with a synchronized musical score, some dialogue sequences, and one Irving Berlin song sung by Lupe Velez, the soundtrack for this film, recorded on disc, is thought to have vanished. Sound discs 6 and 8 are preserved in the UCLA Film and Television Archives, where other sound discs are at this time is unknown. The film itself survives in the Mary Pickford Archives. 


The Smoking Dog Cafe, where Lupe Velez sings, is the name of an actual Paris restaurant (Au Chien Qui Fume), opened in 1920. However, unlike the place in the movie, described as "the lowest dive in Paris," it was, at most, bohemian, and was in a respectable neighborhood.


Karl, a German diplomat in Paris, discovers that his fiancee Diane has been cheating on him. He tells her that he would rather marry a "girl of the streets" than her. Outraged, Diane decides to grant him his wish, and enlists the services of a Spanish singer/dancer from a disreputable nightclub to pose as a sophisticated, convent-educated singer, and surreptitiously arranges for her to meet Karl."

*(source: IMDb)



LADY OF THE PAVEMENTS (1929) US Lobby Card 07-2

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