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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the classic German-produced teens silent film drama, MADAME DUBARRY (US title: PASSION), released in the US in 1919 by First National Pictures and directed by Ernst Lubitsch.


The image features beautifully-rendered artwork depicting Madame DuBarry (Pola Negri) pleading with her executioner to give her one more day of life as they stand next to a guillotine at the time of her execution. It is in very good condition and has been professionally paper-backed with light restoration to address a vertical crease through the height of the card to the left of the credits and a vertical tear on the bottom left corner and light signs of wear along the first 4 in. of the top edge.


*"Madame DuBarry is a 1919 German silent film on the life of Madame Du Barry. It was directed by Ernst Lubitsch, written by Norbert Falk and Hanns Kräly with the title role taken by Pola Negri and Louis XV played by Emil Jannings. Its alternative title for United States distribution was Passion. It was made at the Tempelhof Studios in Berlin. The film's sets were designed by the art director Kurt Richter."
*(source: Wikipedia)


*"The story of Madame DuBarry, the mistress of Louis XV of France, and her loves in the time of the French revolution."
*(source: IMDb)




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