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Vintage original 7.5 x 9.5 in. US double-weight matte photograph of silent film actor CHARLES FARRELL c.1926.
He is depicted in an interior studio publicity shot wearing plain, worn clothing and carrying a shirt as he looks upwards in hope. As indicated by a rubber stamp on the verso, this photograph was taken by the acclaimed Hollywood photographer, Eugene Robert Richee, during his association with Paramount Pictures. It is in very fine- condition.


*"Old Ironsides is a 1926 American silent historical war film directed by James Cruze and starring Charles Farrell, Esther Ralston, Wallace Beery, and George Bancroft. It was produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures.



The movie was directed by James Cruze in a widescreen process that Paramount promoted as "Magnascope". This process was used to heighten the visual effects in specific points in the film by switching to a larger "widescreen" thus enhancing the visual drama of the feature. It was reported that at the premiere of Old Ironsides the audience "stood up and cheered" when the Magnascope was activated.


This lavish oceangoing epic features battle scenes with sailing ships and pirates; Wallace Beery would revisit the genre and portray Long John Silver in Treasure Island eight years later.

Box office receipts from the premiere at the Rialto Theater went to the USS Constitution restoration fund.


The Museum of Modern Art in New York City exhibited a restored 35mm print of the film in December 2008.


Early in the 19th century, USS Constitution is launched as part of an effort to stop piracy in the Mediterranean Sea. Meanwhile, a young man determined to go to sea (Farrell) is befriended by the bos'n (Beery) of the merchant ship Esther, and he joins its crew. When Esther reaches the Mediterranean, she too, along with Constitution, becomes involved in the battle against the pirates."

*(source: Wikipedia)




OLD IRONSIDES (1926) 8x10 Photograph 04

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