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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US title lobby card from the 1920's WWI-themed war drama, SHE GOES TO WAR, released in 1929 by United Artists and directed by Henry King.
The design features three scenes from the film including a closer shot of co-stars Eleanor Boardman and John Holland. Printed for the film's 1939 US theatrical re-release by Mitchell Leichter, it is unrestored in good- condition only.
*"Small town social leader Joan Morant, who holds herself aloof from the "common people," is thrilled when wartime activity strikes her community, and enlisting the support of her uncle, a congressman, she obtains an assignment overseas. Although she loves Reggie, a wealthy sheik, Joan plays with the affections of Pike, a local garage owner, both of whom she meets in France. Tom Pike, transformed by his war experiences, rebuffs Joan's advances, and she seeks out Reggie, who is living his accustomed life of luxury as a supply sergeant. Joan's female companions, constantly making great sacrifices, impress upon her the seriousness of purpose in her work, and she resolves to do her part. When Reggie, called to the front, becomes hopelessly drunk, she dons his uniform and replaces him in the ranks, where she experiences a new admiration and love for Tom, her commander. Proving her heroism in battle, she returns to Tom, worthy of his love."
*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)


SHE GOES TO WAR (R-1939) US Title Lobby Card

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