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Vintage original 3.25 x 5.25 in. US postcard from the stowaway-themed silent film drama, SHIPWRECKED, released in 1926 by Producers Distributing Corporation (PDC) and directed by Joseph Henabery.


The image features an exterior scene on the deck of a ship as Lois Austin (Seena Owen) stands to the side as a sailor tries to defend her against the unwanted advances of Capt. Kodel (Matthew Betz), who has just knocked Larry O'Neil (Joseph Schildkraut) onto the deck with a punch. It is unused in very fine- condition.


*"Shipwrecked is a 1926 American silent romantic adventure film directed by Joseph Henabery and starring Seena Owen and Joseph Schildkraut. It is based on the play Shipwrecked by Langdon McCormick and was released through Producers Distributing Corporation.


A print of Shipwrecked is preserved at the Library of Congress at its Packard Campus."

*(source: Wikipedia)


*"According to a column called "A Letter from Location in the Aug 1926 Picture-Play, exteriors were filmed on "Detention Island," a prison and former leper colony near Mazatlan, Mexico. Other sources identity that island as Maria Madre, ninety miles off the coast. Copyright records list the film as 7 reels.


Loie Austin, an artist's model, is accosted by a ship chandler and shoots him in attempting to escape. She then tries to end her own life in the bay but is rescued by Larry O'Neil, a drifter employed as a cook on a steamer. Loie, with Larry's aid, stows away on his ship, disguised as a boy; but she is discovered by the domineering Captain Klodel, who, when notified of her crime, uses his knowledge of it as a weapon to force his attentions upon her. Larry intercedes in her behalf and thrashes him. A storm wrecks the ship, and Loie and Larry are stranded on an island, where they are befriended by a white trader. Klodel arrives and claims Loie as his prisoner, and believing she loves him, Larry gives way to dissipation; finally, he beats the captain and is reunited with the woman he loves just as the trader learns that her supposed vicitim has recovered after all."
*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



SHIPWRECKED (1923) US Postcard 01

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