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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. U.S. lobby card from the silent film horseracing-themed western drama/romance, SILVER COMES THROUGH (AKA Silver Comes Thru), released in 1927 by FBO and directed by Lloyd Ingraham.


The title is a reference to Thomson's famous horse, Silver King, and the border artwork depicts an illustration of Thomson astride his beloved pal as he holds his hat above his head. The image depicts Fred (Fred Thomson) wearing a tuxedo as he dances with Lucindy (Edna Murphy) while two of his pals watch in disbelief while a "sensitive" cowboy wearing a pink shirt clasps his hands and looks emotional while watching the happy couple. It is unrestored in fine+ condition.


*"Some sources listed the film's title as Silver Comes Thru. The picture was licensed in New York State as Silver King Comes Thru."


In a blizzard, Fred rescues Zeke, his employer, and saves the horses and cattle from a hungry puma. Later, a colt, under Fred's care, grows into a magnificent horse. Zeke, who is indebted to Stanton, surrenders several horses, including Silver King, to him, but Zeke decides to keep Silver King when Stanton mistreats the horse. Fred is enamored of Lucindy, Zeke's daughter, and rescues her when Black Eagle, who is being primed for the cross-country race, runs away with her and is injured. Consequently, Zeke enters Silver King in the race. At a party given by Lucindy, Fred is angered by Stanton's attentions to her; and Stanton's men plot to abduct Silver King before the race. Fred pursues and wins a last-minute victory over Stanton's entry.

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



SILVER COMES THROUGH (1927) US Lobby Card 01

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