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Vintage original trimmed 27 x 41 in. US one-sheet poster from the historic teens silent film Civil War drama, THE COWARD, released in 1915 by Triangle Distributing and directed by Reginald Barker and Thomas H. Ince.


This poster is a stone lithograph, which features beautiful, rich colors and very fine detail. The design features artwork depicting one of the film's key scenes inside of the Winslow family Library as Frank Winslow (Charles Ray) says goodbye to his mother, Elizabeth (Gertrude Claire), while his sweetheart, Amy (Patricia Palmer) reacts in fear. This poster was found inside of a root cellar in Montana with a small group of other posters from this period (including a near-perfect example of this same poster).


Unrestored and folded as originally issued, it is in fair- condition only. Approximately 2/3 of the bottom half is missing. There are random small holes from bug damage and a water stain on, above, and below the center of the right border that go slightly into the background area. The borders exhibit random signs of wear. For reference for restoration purposes, we have included an image of the complete one-sheet as taken from the other example that we once had in our possession, as the majority of the missing section is text and black background areas and can easily be replaced by a talented poster restoration studio after the poster is linen-backed. This poster is worth saving, as it represents an important American feature-length Civil War film made during the teens by a major producer/director and which was both a critical as well as a financial success.


*"The Coward is a 1915 American silent historical war drama film directed by Reginald Barker and produced by Thomas H. Ince. Ince also wrote the film's scenario with C. Gardner Sullivan, from a story Ince had bought from writer (and future director) Edward Sloman. The film stars Frank Keenan and Charles Ray. John Gilbert also appears in an uncredited bit part. A copy of The Coward is preserved at the Museum of Modern Art.


The Coward was both a critical and financial success and helped to launch Charles Ray's career. Unusually at the time, the main character is not presented as a gallant Southerner who is eager to fight in the war. The acting in this film was much more natural than earlier films, with cutting and camera angles helping the actor's use of facial expressions and pauses to convey dramatic tension.


Set during the American Civil War, Keenan stars as a Virginia colonel, with Charles Ray as his weak-willed son. The son is forced, at gunpoint, by his father to enlist in the Confederate States Army. He is terrified by the war and deserts during a battle. The film focuses on the son's struggle to overcome his cowardice."
*(source: Wikipedia)



THE COWARD (1915) US One-Sheet Poster

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