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Vintage original 14 x 22 in. US window card from the teens WWI-themed drama, THE EAGLE'S WINGS, released in 1916 by the Universal Film Manufacturing Company and directed by Robert Z. Leonard and Rufus Steele.


Printed by the famed Morgan Litho Company, the design features dramatic and symbolic artwork to publicize this WWI-themed film. It is unrestored in very fine- condition.


The Eagle's Wings is a 1916 American silent drama film directed by Robert Z. Leonard and stars Grace Carlyle, Vola Vale and Herbert Rawlinson.


*"According to an advertisement and items in the 25 November and 2 December 1916 issues of Moving Picture World, The Eagle's Wings was not part of Bluebird's regular program, but it made so strong an impression on Bluebird executives that they bought the rights and gave it a special release as a "Bluebird Extraordinary," outside their regular Bluebird program. As with Rufus Steele's earlier Bluebird project, Hop, the Devil's Brew, The Eagle's Wings was made with the cooperation of the U. S. Government, which allowed scenes to be filmed in arsenals, munitions plants, and on government preserves.


Also among the film's sets were exact replicas of Columbus, New Mexico (which Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa had recently raided); the U. S. Senate chamber; and the House of Representatives. (The 2 December 1916 Moving Picture World mentioned that Villa's raid on Columbus "is made a part of the action and the exciting scenes of that now famous night attack are vividly reproduced.) An item in the 18 November 1916 Moving Picture World stressed, however, that the film was "a non-political, strictly American reflection of economics and industrial preparedness for military emergency," and had "no specific reference to any particular nation as opposed to the United States—the subject is strictly neutral, and absolutely pro-American."


Supervisor-producer Rufus Steele, who wrote the story, spent months in arranging the filming of "the manufacture of munitions, guns, shells, shrapnel, fuse, armor plate, castings, and every element that enters into modern warfare." Press reports added that all the factories had originally been built for peaceful manufacturing. An extensive three-page article in the 18 November 1916 Moving Picture Weeklyidentified the arsenal locations as Watervliet, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and Watertown, MA. For the U.S. Capitol interiors, actors resembling Woodrow Wilson's Vice President Thomas Marshall and Kentucky Congressman Champ Clark were used. News items reported that six members of President Woodrow Wilson's Cabinet and the Council of National Defense attended a showing of the film in Washington, D.C. According to the Library of Congress American Silent Feature Film Survival Database, this film is extant."

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



THE EAGLE'S WINGS (1916) US Window Card

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