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Vintage original 42.25 x 80.5 in. US stone lithograph three-sheet poster from the teens silent film war drama, THE HERO OF SUBMARINE D-2, produced in 1916 by the Vitagraph Company of America and directed by Paul Scardon.

Not yet involved in World War I, nevertheless, Hollywood was releasing films in 1916 of the American military battling our enemies. Charles Richman portrays a submarine commander who has himself shot out of a torpedo tube in order to save a fleet of U.S. battleships. This dynamic three-sheet poster, which is a stone lithograph, is in fine condition with restoration applied to touch-up to chips in the folds and borders. There were several tears in the image area and borders, one of which extends horizontally through the upper background and Richmond's face. There is also touch-up along the left and right edges to even out the alignment of the panels.


*"The Hero of Submarine D-2 is a lost 1916 silent film adventure war film directed by Paul Scardon and starring Charles Richman. It was produced by the Vitagraph Company of America and released by V-L-S-EIncorporated."

*(source: Wikipedia)


*"The working title of the film was Colton, U.S. N. This film includes scenes of fleet maneuvers by fifteen battleships, four torpedo boats and three colliers, under command of Vice-Admiral Henry T. Mayo, U.S.N., and the landing of 280 marines and their advance against a supposed enemy. These scenes were shot at Newport, RI. The film also includes scenes shot at Annapolis, MD showing the Naval Academy and naval cadets. The National Film Preservation Board (NFPB) included this film on its list of Lost U.S. Silent Feature Films as of February 2021.


When Lieutenant Commander Colton, an official at the Naval Academy, refuses to reinstate Gilman Austen, who flunked out, Gilman's father, political boss J. F. Austen, has Colton reassigned to a much harsher job, that of submarine commander. While in charge of Submarine D-2, Colton learns of a Ruanian plot to blow up the United States fleet. To foil the plan, Colton, working alone, detonates the Ruanian mines before the fleet passes through them, but he sustains serious injuries in the process. He is rescued, however, by Seaman Gilman Austen, who joined the Navy after his dismissal from Annapolis. With the fleet now safe, Colton marries Caroline, Gilman's sister, and Gilman himself, because of his heroism, is allowed to re-enter the Academy."

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



THE HERO OF SUBMARINE D-2 (1916) US Three-Sheet Poster

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