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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the 1920's Northwoods-themed silent film western drama, THE LOVE BANDIT, released in 1924 by the Vitagraph Company of America and directed by Dell Henderson.
Printed with a glossy finish, the design features three different photographic scenes from the film, which are complimented by a brown background. The border artwork in the lower left corner features a playful masked angel ready to aim his pistol at the lovers. It is unrestored in very good condition.


*"The Love Bandit is a 1924 American silent Western film with a Northwoods theme directed by Dell Henderson and starring Doris Kenyon, Victor Sutherland, and Cecil Spooner. An abridged version of The Love Bandit survives with a private collector.


As described in a film magazine review, Amy Van Clayton is saved from drowning by Jim Blazes, whom she meets in a lumber camp. In New York City, Amy finds that her brother Fred Clayton is in danger of going to jail for robbing from his employer, who turns out to be Jim Blazes. Amy marries Jim to save her brother. Feeling that his wife does not love him, Jim returns to the lumber camp and is wounded in a gang fight. Amy is kidnapped and Jim gets into a vicious gun fight with Amy's kidnappers whom he later subdues. He saves Amy, who was tied to a buzzsaw table, from certain death. Now rescued, Amy finds happiness with her husband.


Vitagraph Studios, also known as the Vitagraph Company of America, was a United States motion picture studio. It was founded by J. Stuart Blackton and Albert E. Smith in 1897 in Brooklyn, New York, as the American Vitagraph Company. By 1907, it was the most prolific American film production company, producing many famous silent films. On April 20, 1925, Smith finally gave up and sold the company to Warner Bros. for a comfortable profit. The Flatbush studio (renamed Vitaphone) was later used as an independent unit within Warner Bros., specializing in early sound shorts. Vitaphone closed the Flatbush plant in 1940."
*(source: Wikipedia)



THE LOVE BANDIT (1924) US Lobby Card 04

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