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Vintage original 8 x 10 in. U.S. double-weight matte photograph from the 1920s silent film western, THE WESTERNERS, released in 1919 by Pathé Exchange Inc. and directed by Edward Sloman.

The image depicts an interior studio shot of the film's star, Roy Stewart (as "Cheyenne Harry"), wearing a tuxedo. This photograph was taken by James Woodbury of Los Angeles with his logo in the lower left corner. Affixed to the verso is the original paper snipe caption which reads: ROY STEWART - Popular actor now appearing on the screen in "The Westerners" by Stewart Edward White; "The Beauty Market"; "The Sagebrusher" by Emerson Hough; "Just a Wife" by Eugene Walters; "Riders of the Dawn", based on Zane Grey's novel, "The Desert of Wheat"; "The Test" and "The U. P. Trail" by Zane Gray. He is playing the star role in a production now nearing completion at the Brunton Studios, Los Angeles, and founded on "The Money Changers" by Upton Sinclair. June, 1920. Also on the verso is an original rubber stamp in purple ink which reads: Compliments of - FRANCES ROBINSON - representing - ROY STEWART - Brunton Studios - Los Angeles, U.S.A. It is in fine condition with random signs of silvering on various portions of the image.


*"The Westerners is a 1919 American silent Western film directed by Edward Sloman and starring Roy Stewart, Robert McKim and Wilfred Lucas."

*(source: Wikipedia)


*"White's novel was first published in serial form in Munsey's Magazine. The film had several pre-release exhibitions, the earliest of which began on 15 Jun 1919 in Los Angeles and 3 Aug 1919 in New York.


Half-breed Indian Michael Lafond vows vengeance after scout Jim Buckley forces him off a wagon train for insulting a white woman. Michael kills Prue Welch, the wife of a New England professor, and kidnaps her baby daughter Molly. Michael raises Molly as his own daughter, then, fifteen years later, he opens a dance hall, and forces Molly to becomes a dance hall girl. He plots to ruin Jim, now a leading citizen of the Black Hills community, and his scheming causes Jim to have to fight his way out of the settlement. Jim is aided in the struggle by Cheyenne Harry, Molly's suitor. Michael overtakes Jim on horseback, but is thrown over an embankment by Jim and killed. Jim returns to find Molly happy with Cheyenne Harry."

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



THE WESTERNERS (19219 US 8x10 Double-Weight Photograph By James Woodbury

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