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Vintage original 8 x 10 in. US single-weight glossy keybook photograph from the 1920s silent film drama, THREE SINNERS, released in 1928 by Paramount Pictures and directed by Rowland V. Lee.
The image features the blonde Countess Gerda Wallentin (Pola Negri) taking a glass of champagne from the guitar of a man at her feet while James Harris (Warner Baxter) and another of her suitors watches her closely from behind. It is in fine+ condition with a light trim along the right half of the bottom border.


*"Three Sinners (1928) is a silent film directed by Rowland V. Lee, starring Pola Negri, and co-starring Warner Baxter, Olga Baclanova, and Paul Lukas. The film was produced by Famous Players–Lasky and distributed by Paramount Pictures, and is based on a play Das Zweite Leben (or The Second Life) by Rudolf Bernauer and Rudolf Österreicher. Director Lee also served as executive producer. 

Three Sinners is now considered a lost film."

*(source: Wikipedia)


*"According to a studio production directory in the 18 Feb 1928 Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World, production began 27 Jan 1928. Das zweite leben also was the basis for the 1931 Paramount film Once a Lady, which was directed by Guthrie McClintic and starred Ruth Chatterton and Ivor Novello.


Perceiving that her husband no longer loves her, Gerda, Countess Wallentin, agrees to go to Vienna to visit relatives, leaving the count in Germany to pursue his political ambitions with Baroness Hilda Brings, a close friend. En route, Gerda is seduced by Raoul Stanislav, a famous musician. She leaves the train for a brief time, and it departs without her; later she finds that the train crashed, killing everyone aboard. Guilty because of her affair, Gerda fails to notify her husband of her survival. Later, as hostess in a fashionable Viennese gambling den, she sees her husband, who is strangely attracted to her because of what seems to be a remarkable resemblance to his wife. Gerda discloses her identity and returns to her husband. Later, seeing that he does not really love her, she takes their child and sails to America with a wealthy patron of the gambling house."

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)




THREE SINNERS (1928) US 8x10 Photograph 01

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