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Vintage original 8 x 10 in. US single-weight glossy on-set photograph from the 1920s silent film drama, TONGUES OF FLAME, released in 1924 by Paramount Pictures and directed by Joseph Henabery.


The image features an on-set posed photograph depicting the film's star, Thomas Meighan, looking across at director Joseph Henabery leans on a desk and an unknown crewmember holds up a board that, we assume, represents a breakdown of the fim's scenes. It is in fine+ condition.


*"Tongues of Flame is a 1924 American silent melodrama film produced by Famous Players–Lasky and distributed through Paramount Pictures. It is based on a novel by Peter Clark MacFarlane and was directed by Joseph Henabery. The film starred Thomas Meighan and Bessie Love. It was produced by Famous Players–Lasky and distributed by Paramount Pictures.


The picture was filmed at Great Neck and Manhasset Bay on Long Island, New York. The film received generally negative reviews,With no prints of Tongues of Flame located in any film archives, it is a lost film. although Bessie Love's performance was praised. 


The Native American Siwash people have been displaced from their land and live on a reservation. Wealthy Boland (Berton Churchill) attempts to buy the reservation from the Siwash, who consult honest attorney Harrington (Thomas Meighan) for advice. Harrington looks into the contract and advises the Siwash to accept it. However, after the sale goes through, Boland drills for oil on the land, violating the contract. This angers Harrington, who exposes Boland's fraud. In retaliation, Boland has Harrington arrested on false charges.


A local court looks into the surveys associated with Boland's contracts, and returns all the Siwash native lands to them. Harrington is released from prison, and falls in love with the Siwash schoolteacher Lahleet (Love)."
*(source: Wikipedia)



TONGUES OF FLAME (1924) US 8x10 On-Set Photograph 01

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