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Vintage original 8 x 10 in. US single-weight glossy photograph from the lost 1920s silent film version of the classic drama, VANITY FAIR, released in 1923 by Goldwyn Distributing Corp. and directed by Hugo Ballin.


The image features an interior close shot of Becky Sharp (Mabel Ballin) seated near a window. As indicated on the verso by a rubber stamp, this photograph was taken by Clarence Sinclair Bull, one of the most respected and collected of the Hollywood photographers working at this time. It is in very good- condition only as shown with an upside-down "L" shaped tear on the bottom border and a hard crease beneath the top right corner, among others.
*"Vanity Fair (1923) is a silent feature film directed by Hugo Ballin and released by Samuel Goldwyn. The film included one sequence filmed in color by Prizmacolor. This silent film was a version of the 1848 novel "Vanity Fai"r by William Makepeace Thackeray. The film starred Ballin's wife Mabel Ballin as Becky Sharp and Hobart Bosworth as the Marquis of Steyne."
*(source: Wikipedia)


*"This is the second of four film versions of Vanity Fair.


Adventuress Becky Sharp lives by her wits and charm in an effort to ascend from humble backgrounds into society. She fails to lure Joseph Sedley, the brother of her chum Amelia, into marriage but succeeds with Rawdon Crawley, the son of her employer. However, his family's displeasure keeps Becky from living in wealth, as she had hoped to do. Ever the flirt, Becky has affairs with George Osborne soon after he marries Amelia and with Lord Steyne while Rawdon is away at war with Napoleon. Her adventures come to an end, however; neither Rawdon nor Steyne will have her, and Becky is reduced to touring the Continent under an assumed name. Her lesson learned, Becky brings together Amelia and her faithful suitor, Captain Dobbin, after George is killed in battle; and finally she returns to London to live a quiet life."
*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



VANITY FAIR (1923) 8x10 Photograph 01 By Clarence Sinclair Bull

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