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Vintage original 9 x 12 in. US sheet music from the 1920s silent film drama/romance, WILD ORCHIDS, released at the end of the Silent Era in 1929 and directed by Sidney Franklin.


The song is entitled Wild Orchids, with lyric by Raymond Klages, melody by William Axt and David Mendoza, and published by Robbins Music Corporation. The front cover depicts star Greta Garbo gazing intently at the viewer. Consisting of 6 pages, the first interior page features music to the song If I Had You, with the balance dedicated to Wild Orchids. In near-fine condition, all 6 pages have separated cleanly along the spine.


*"Wild Orchids is a 1929 American silent drama film from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer directed by Sidney Franklinand starring Greta Garbo, Lewis Stone and Nils Asther. Only these three stars received cast credit. The plot is very similar to Garbo's later sound film, The Painted Veil (1934).


Production took place between October and November 1928 at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios in Culver City, California (USA). During production, Garbo spent one day filming a cameo appearance for the James Cruze film A Man's Man. Production stills photographs were made by James Manatt and production portraits were taken by Ruth Harriet Louise in October 1928.

This is often listed as a "silent" film, but it is not. It was released as a non-talking sound film, with a complete orchestral score and sound effects, retained on both the VHS and DVD releases. Dialogue was conveyed via title cards, per the standard silent film convention."




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